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Casa Noir Art Origin story

A black entrepreneur that have invested in the beautiful people of Colombia by opening a boutique hotel Casa Noir (Internationally recognized as the first and only black owned art gallery and hotel in Cartagena).


The journey started when I was visiting Cartagena as a vacation location and instantly fell in love with its people and landmarks. We also wanted to recognize it's challenging history by commissioning local artists to what became Cartagenas only known African tribute mural downtown. 

After seeing the response to the mural and responding to tourists questions about the origin of the story of the mural I decided to "put it on canvas" and hire local artists to continue to do what they love and here we are.


By providing stories all over the world through local Colombian artists. I have a commitment to always have our paintings painted by Colombian artists as long as we are in business. 


** ALL paintings are hand painted in Cartagena, Colombia 

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